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WWII Photo At the Willys-Overland Factory

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This WWII photo of the Willys-Overland Factory was shared with me by a couple different folks and was being shared on Facebook. Jerry Huber remembers driving on that wooden platform seen in the upper left of the photo.

Jerry wrote, “It was basically a wooden ramp supported with steel that ran from ground level to the roof of the 5 story structure of the main building complex. There are some pics of the MB’s parked on the roof that are also pretty cool. I usually drove that ramp daily when I was at the Plant and often parked up there. Going up and down that ramp was truly like being in a “time tunnel”.”



3 Comments on “WWII Photo At the Willys-Overland Factory

  1. Bill Garland

    Man, if I could only have one. Wonder how many of those ended up on the ocean floor from U boat attacks?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Don’t forget that a lot surplus jeeps and other equipment were dumped overboard at the end of the war also.

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