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1942 MB Montrose, CA $20,000


UPDATE: Still Available

The serial number is listed as #GPA8424, which is strange given it does not look like a GPA nor a GPW. However, the dash plate indicates the serial number is 198360, which puts it as a very late 1942 MB.







“A mountain of a man sat to my left, a cheerful grin spread across his face and both of his ‘bear paws’ gripped the steering wheel as we drove though a misty beach town. Bundled up from head to toe and wrapped in 1000 blankets, my siblings and I loved this special time with our Grandpa.

Why would you have to bundle up to be in a car, well this wasn’t just any ordinary car. This was a Jeep and the coolest one I’ve ever been in. It was green, had no doors, a canvas cover, the coolest tools attached to its side, American flags fluttering in the wind and a huge white star painted the hood. As I peek out from under the pile of blankets I’m under, I see my grandpas thump slowly tracing something on the steering wheel. He looks toward the road in front of him but you can see in his eyes that his mind is in the past.

As we rumble up the street toward my grandparents home, I see my grandma waiting for us. We all start waving at her, she laughs and waves back. As everyone scrambles out to get inside and warm up from our cruise around town, I hang back and run around to the drivers seat. I peek at the steering wheel to see what my grandpa was tracing. There on the steering wheel was the letters, JB. My grandpa had painstakingly carved his initials into the steering wheel. I ran my fingers over the engraving and smiled.

This 1942 Willy Jeep has been my grandfathers pride since he got it. It has brought our family so much joy and countless memories. My grandpa passed away in June and it is now time to pass this Jeep, that we all love so much, onto a new family so that they can create memories of their own in it”


5 Comments on “1942 MB Montrose, CA $20,000

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Andy … I looked at it again and, yup, I can see what I thought it looked like a parking brake. I never would have guessed gun mount.

  2. John

    Bob in Colorado

    I was thinking to same thing. But I guess in the end everything had a price. All of my family Jeeps were sold off years ago, but I would kill to have my fathers 3a back

    Just hope the seller doesnt regret losing a family heirloom. Even if they need the quick money now

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