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Year? FC-150 Tow Truck High Desert Auction **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** for $4700 plus auction fees.

Thanks to Danno for sharing this and the following FCs. There are other non-CJ jeeps for sale, too.

“HUGE car auction.
Virtual live, online only, auction begins at 9am on May 3rd.
Preview will be May 2nd from 10am-4pm.

Jeep Tow Truck, V.U., Mileage: 19,163”




20 Comments on “Year? FC-150 Tow Truck High Desert Auction **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    This FC150 tow truck reminds me of, one the later Cheech & Chong movies, the boys work at a gas station that has a red FC150 tow truck. If traveling along the Garden State Parkway in Irvington NJ, if you looked up on your right, there WAS a Sunoco station that had a red FC150 tow. I always thought that may have been the movie scene.

  2. chuck berry

    mike ? , I worked at a gas station , it was no fun — ” workin at the filling station too many tasks , wipe the windows , check the tires , check the oil , a dollar gas , aahh !! too much monkey business for me to be involved in !! ” — a fc-150 can barely tow itself let alone something behind it — 72 bhp f-134 hurricane snot-rocket — ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM !!

  3. Mark

    You know this looks pretty good, I mean floor boards look ok cab corners look good, good glass! It looks like a 57 or early 58 tunnel, and o yes a narrow tread to boot. I do find it rather ironic that it has a tow bar

  4. Daniel Getz

    by the time you pay all the fees it will cost more than gold pound for pound. the fine print is SCARY! I read most of it but had to stop after I began to shake uncontrollably….and it all started with the 5% internet fee…then the 10%buyers fee, then the 7.75% sales tax, charged on the full amount including the buyers fee and the internet fee, oh, dont forget the convenience fee of 3.8% and then assorted state fees. Some of these vehicles come with almost 2k in “back” fees plus $70 doc fees. I need sedation now…

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Daniel, thanks for taking the time to read that fine print and taking one for the group. I hadn’t done the TOS (but, then, I hadn’t tried bidding through the site). I hope you found the sedation you needed!

  6. james schuchardt

    im pretty sure its a scam from the word go.

    i registered to bid, placed a bid, and got an email stating “just hang on one minute we are getting you approved”

    um, what?!?!?!

    no person to contact either. its just plain scam-olicious.

    even if you get it for 1000.00 bucks, its going to cost a LOT more than that.

  7. Brad

    James, No one will be getting it for $1000 bid, I am sure of that 🙂
    It’s very easy to research any auction company that utilizes Proxibid.
    You are waaaaaay too paranoid, but then again, auctions aren’t for everyone 🙂

  8. David Eilers Post author

    This site has been operating for several years at least. I’ve listed jeeps on it and have received no specific complaints about it.

  9. Roger

    For anyone considering this one, be advised it has NO TITLE, in addition to the significant buyer’s premium and sitting since 1981.

  10. Richard

    The auction is still active and working just fine, although the link isn’t. If you simply take the time to find the auction company that sent you that “suspicious” email and search for it on their site you can easily find it. I have been bidding on it since it was first listed and before everyone in the FC groups found it and still am. I doubt I will get it, but I certainly won’t be letting someone else get it for cheap either, because I really want it. Ahhhh auction life!

  11. Richard

    It would be more accurate to state it sold for $5400, because the 15% buyers premium applies to all buyers. Taxes would depend on if you lived in state or not, but that 15 percent was tacked on to everything.

  12. Blaine

    The other two FC 170s sold for $2200 and $1300. And talk about fees. There was a 1963 Ford Galaxy at the same auction that sold for $41,000. A 427 car that has been off the road since 1978. Yes, I put in the correct number of zeros.

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