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1953 Willys Aero Louisville, KY $1400

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It runs. Given the price, it could be worth a look. Thanks to Tom for sharing.

“1953 Willys sedan project. Runs and moves. No brakes. Asking $1400 see pics for more info about car. Trades are possible on other old cars or parts (prefer model a and model t fords).”




8 Comments on “1953 Willys Aero Louisville, KY $1400

  1. Glennstin

    This is the lowest end of the Aero line called the Lark and the only one to get the L-161 in 1952 and 1953. Willys redid this engine into an F-Head version just like they did for the L-134 four cylinder to get more power for the higher end Aeros such as Ace and Eagle. Shortly Kaiser bought Willys and brought the 226 Flathead to get even more power to the whole Product line other than Jeeps. These L-161 engines were used in a very few 1949 Jeepsters, my 1950 Jeepster has one and they were also used in a limited number of other late 40’s , early 50’s such as the Station Sedan Wagon. I’d sure like to find a take-out someone has laying around to buy the manifold setup. Mine has a broken ear and I’d like a good one.

  2. Glennstin

    Oh, I forgot to say when you buy this relic, you get a whole bunch of DJ3A parts not elsewhere available. You still have a street rod builder to resell. These Aero models didn’t sell as expected, and Kaiser sent the molds to Brazil in 1955. Lots of service parts got used up any way they could. Big item here is most all brake components, four stud 15″ wheels, hubcaps and who knows what else jumped off the shelf onto the 1956 DJ3A as it went into production in late ’55.

  3. Denny

    It’s the same engine as in the later Jeepsters. I also have a ’53 Aero Willys which I hope to sell when the virus thing is over.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    Vernon reports that he has a stock 1953 Willys Aero Falcon with a L-161 in it. He believe the L-161 was available in both the Lark and the Falcon. Any thoughts?

    – Dave

  5. Denny

    I also have an Aero Falcon. In 1953 Willys added the Aero Falcon model to replace the Aero Wing. The Falcon had the flathead 161 engine and the higher level Aero Ace and Aero Eagle had the F-head 161. The Falcon was dropped after the ’53 model year.
    A good resource on the various Aero models is “Willys – The Complete Illustrated History 1903-1963” by Pat Foster and Bill Tilden.

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