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Flatfender Body Vancouver, WA $1200

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This mostly appears to be a 2A body, but it also has a well for an MB/GPW style tank and it lacks a fuel inlet hole on the driver’s side. It may actually be a reproduction body of some kind.

“About 1946 or 47 Willys JEEP body. Windshield, the Tub with tool box under passenger seat, Tail Gate, Hood, war 2 Grill. There is a little rust that on tail gate that is repairable. It has been inside my heated shop for over 3 years. I sold the 2 flat finders to a another person 3 years ago. You will have to come and see it to be-leave it. Please call, come and see, it should be listed for $2000.00 but I just wont it gone so $1200.00 should by a good number.”


mb-cj-body-1 mb-cj-body-2 mb-cj-body-3


2 Comments on “Flatfender Body Vancouver, WA $1200

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Dave, may be an early MD Juan body for 2A failing to remove the fuel tank sump. And note it’s punched for side handles. Op word is early. After 40 years, they’ve improved some. Second Op word is some.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Barney, agreed on both issues. I did get to meet with Rommel Juan back in 2013. He seemed sincere in trying to make improvements, but also explained some of the challenges they faced getting there (such as real costs to retooling equipment). I was invited to visit and hope to go tour there facility at some point so I can see what’s going on with my own eyes.

    – Dave

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