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1948 Jeepster Princeton, IN $10,000

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Looks in good shape.

“1948 Willy’s Jeepster. First year Jeepster was made. Runs, clear title. New, white wall tires, about 1,000 miles on them”

1948-jeepster-princeton-in0 1948-jeepster-princeton-in1 1948-jeepster-princeton-in2 1948-jeepster-princeton-in3 1948-jeepster-princeton-in4


One comment on “1948 Jeepster Princeton, IN $10,000

  1. brooks stevens

    breaking news — no mention of the non-stock willys f-161 engine ? — that’s ok , I have the same conversion — the f-161 will bolt right in , holes are drilled in the frame for the 6 cylinder motor mounts — the difference between a l-134 and a f-161 is LIGHT YEARS !! — ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM !!! — these engines make the jeepster an honest ( and sporty ) woman .. L-134 —> CLANKY , RATTLES , NO POWER AT ALL — F-161 —> SMOOTH AS SILK , OODLES OF POWER , UNLIMITED TOP END !!!

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