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Random Jeepster Photos on eBay

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Some random vintage photos of Jeepsters on eBay:

  1. 1950 Press Photo — 1950 OH Horse Raiser Howard Gustin n Jeepster Daughter on Palomino:
  2. 1950s Photos with Jeepster:
  3. Another photo from the same shoot as above:
  4. No date on this photo, but the photo identifies it as a 1950 Jeepster:
  5. 1948 Photo that might have been taken in Michigan:
  6. This color photo is actually a calendar page 10″ x 14″:
  7. There might be some grille damage on this Jeepster:

2 Comments on “Random Jeepster Photos on eBay

  1. howard kaylon

    the 50 jeepster was de-chromed — I never used to like them compared to the 48 , 49 ( I own 4 ) — but now I do — its a cleaner look — noted rock star NEIL YOUNG opted for the 51 — in 69 he drove it from LA to his new ranch in LA HONDA , guitars in the back , gold records , the TURTLES drummer JOHNNY BARBATA rode shotgun — he had to get out of LA and hide in the wilderness , people were picking him apart — a few years earlier I met the TURTLES lead singer in the SANTA CRUZ mts — I was washing dishes , real long hair , Howard was buying the company I worked for — he had short hair till he saw me , then he hooked up with FRANK ZAPPA , the rest is history .. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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