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1947 Empire Tractor Lonedell, MO $2300

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Gwen’s selling this tractor: I would like to sell my dad’s empire tractor. He has been gone 20 years and we just aren’t using it enough here on our farm. I’m sure someone else would enjoy this, and the tractor deserves some love! You can email her at gwenandyoda @ (remove the spaces around the @).

empire-tractor-lonedell-mo1 empire-tractor-lonedell-mo2 empire-tractor-lonedell-mo3 empire-tractor-lonedell-mo4


One comment on “1947 Empire Tractor Lonedell, MO $2300

  1. Allan J. Knepper

    Damn you Dave !!……I think I’m going to ask that I be quarantined from ewillys. In kind of a convoluted story, I now have a small PayPal down payment on this Empire tractor…….plus a lady and gentleman’s ??? agreement with Gwen on lots and lots of cash when I arrive at her place in the next 30-60 days. She was quite the person to deal with and a real hard case seller !! Looking forward to a road trip from Wisconsin/Iowa with my brother in the weeks ahead. Once it is home safe and sound, I may expand on the story and the good ?? fortune I had after not even being close to first in line on this thing…..or the others were just smarter than me.

    Hope all are doing OK out there.

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