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1951 Photo of MPs Managing Traffic on eBay

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The windshield frame appears to have a taller tube attached. I wonder if they were setup to use a CJ top of some type?

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“1951 Press Photo American MPs & jeep somewhere in Korea. Photo measures 9 x 7 inches. Photo is dated 3-2-1951.”




One comment on “1951 Photo of MPs Managing Traffic on eBay

  1. Barney Goodwin

    That’s a grab handle. Jeep probably was the senior officer’s – Col or Gen. They liked to stand up in slow convoy or parade review, etc. Seen many variations. Motorpool made and installed. When the top is used, it will still fasten where it should. Front passenger has a stereotypical appearance of just such an officer. And note the rags used to keep the top bows together. It might be laziness of not storing them correctly, but more than likely there was something installed or stored on the Jeep preventing them from doing so.

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