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Hy Lo Pump Hydraulic Pump Question

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Dan Moreton asked a question that I can’t answer. Anyone have thoughts? You can contact him directly here ttlmidcounty @ (remove spaces around the @)

“I have a 1967 Power King Tractor that utilizes the large Square Model Jeep Hy-Lo Hydraulic pump to lift/lower the plow. It has a 1/4″ intake and output that connects to a dual action hydraulic cylinder. The unit is well suited for this operation.

I have a manual hitch and wanted to make it hydraulic. I saw a Jeep Hi-Lo self contained unit UHT 37046. When it arrived I noted it was smaller,( almost square) had almost identical hardware and fitting on top except it only has one 1/4″ street elbow.

How do I connect this unit to operate a dual action hydraulic cylinder? This tractor is my first experience with hydraulics so keep that in mind when you answer.”


7 Comments on “Hy Lo Pump Hydraulic Pump Question

  1. Mike

    Foe one thing, I”m not sure what you mean b y Duel action. The basic Hy-Lo pump was hydraulic powered up with the valve mounted op top of the pump, the down action was activated by weight alone when you release the valve. With the power angle, another valve was mounted op top on the bottom valve. I would assume a similar set up would be used for your application.

  2. Barry

    Dual action means the cylinder is capable of power up and down. The Monroe lift has power up/down. The Hy-Lo pump will only work with a single action cylinder. You can see a brief overview of single action cylinders here –

    He can still use his double acting cylinder with the pump, i.e. by simply converting it to single action. here is some info –

  3. Mike

    Barry, thank you for the informative information, I learn something new every day reading EWILLYS posts.

  4. Dave from Mn

    It all depends on how he’s thinking of making the hitch set up work. You’re gonna have hydraulic in one direction and either need gravity or spring to go the other way.

  5. Chris

    The other option is to switch from a three- way valve to a four- way valve to get pressure in the opposite direction. The Hy-Lo Jeep only came with a three-way valve. Monarch offered the standalone Hy-Lo Jack with a four-way valve but never the Jeep version because it eased intended for use with a plow which would only need power up, not power down, and a small reservoir. Any commercially available four-way valve could be adapted to the Hy-Lo Jeep pump.

  6. rdjeep

    Some points that have not been covered. The engine-driven pump circulates oil constantly, in a loop out and back to the reservoir, and when the valve is switched, oil is diverted to the cylinder, then resumes the loop after valve release. For this type of loop system, the four-way valve needs to be an “open center” type. This refers to the “center” position of the valve and that it will allow oil to pass through freely in the loop.

    If I understand the pump statement correctly, the difference in size may be due to the larger size being inclusive of a reservoir, and the smaller may be intended to be used with a remote reservoir.

  7. Dave from Mn

    Have had a couple of early Western plow setups with belt drive pumps and power turn. They used some type of rotary valve that would apply pressure in one hose and release pressure in the other.

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