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October 1943 School at War Bulletin

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This interesting School at War Bulletin from October of 1943 was preserved by the University of Toledo. Pages five and six of the bulletin include a story about the success of the schools-buying-jeeps program. The war department had set a goal of 10,000 jeeps for US Schools for the year 1942. Each state was given a quota, which almost every state exceeded, resulting in the ‘purchase’ of 39,535 jeeps by schools.

You’ll find posted on eWillys various newspaper articles and photos describing the visits of jeeps and military personnel to schools. What I didn’t know was that not only did the jeeps visit the schools, jeeps also were driven “up steps, down steps, into gymnasiums, onto auditorium stages, and around school corridors. Once school in St. Paul, which “bought” 48 jeeps, reports that one of the versatile cars spent a whole day driving through the halls for inspection by the various classes.” 

Here’s a break down of the jeeps purchased by schools during 1942:


Here is the full seven page bulletin:

1943-school-at-war-bulletin-u-of-toledo-0 1943-school-at-war-bulletin-u-of-toledo-1 1943-school-at-war-bulletin-u-of-toledo-2

1943-school-at-war-bulletin-u-of-toledo-3 1943-school-at-war-bulletin-u-of-toledo-4 1943-school-at-war-bulletin-u-of-toledo-5 1943-school-at-war-bulletin-u-of-toledo-6


5 Comments on “October 1943 School at War Bulletin

  1. Joe in Mesa

    “Almost” every state exceeded quota (maybe they all did, eventually), but the slackers on the above list were IL, MI, AZ, IN and OH ranging from just 72.1% of quota down to 27.3%. Still, very impressive results for an amazing and worthy campaign!

  2. Ill Chris

    I can guarantee, if the politicians of Illinois got there hands on the money first, the military came up short.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Joe .. “ALMOST” was the correct *MISSING* term, lol.

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