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1962 Perkins CJ-5 Rochester, NH $11,500

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UPDATE: Price now $11,500. Was last listed in 2018. This may have been purchased and is now being resold?

“4 cylinder Perkins Diesel (Factory)
3 speed with overdrive
2 speed transfer case
Hubs, New tires
Good body and paint
6’ quick switch plow
Tow bar Full cab
Excellent driver”

1962-cj5-diesel-nh1 1962-cj5-diesel-nh2 1962-cj5-diesel-nh3 1962-cj5-diesel-nh4


18 Comments on “1962 Perkins CJ-5 Rochester, NH $11,500

  1. willy s. wagon

    For 13 + couldn’t they get a lot worker or someone to rattle some paint on the
    air cleaner assembly?
    They got both bumpers and if you look under that ridiculous body colored stack,
    (w/ flapper) it looks like the muffler has a fresh coat of black!

  2. Mitch

    Must have fresh paint and that exhaust is terrible but overall appears to be a very nice Perkins CJ. With only 1146 Cj-5 Perkins produced over a 5-7 year period it’s a pretty rare Jeep.

  3. Ted Jordan

    Where are you guys seeing $13000 ? Im seeing $8500 which is still a bunch but much better than $13000 . Looks like a great start and I love the tractor flapper on the stack , Ive got a few just like that ,of course there only yard buggies

  4. mmdeilers Post author


    The price was originally $13,000 when listed in NH. I don’t know if it sold to a buyer in Maine or the seller moved to Maine.

    – Dave

  5. Glennstin

    I think he moved it to Maine CL just to get it in a different place. His NH location is right near the Maine border. Looks like he’s getting more price realistic as time goes along.

  6. Mitch Carter

    I’d say it’s gotten to a much more reasonable price at this point. I’d expect it to sell relatively soon if it’s truly as nice as it appears.

  7. pete walther

    Please send more detail on mechanical condition, plow type, mileage and pictures of mounts for plow and suspension and gear cases .

  8. David Eilers

    Hi Pete,

    I haven’t seen this relisted recently. I’ve updated the post. If I see it relisted anywhere, I will drop you a note.

    – Dave

  9. Venu Rao


    Is this jeep still available at $ 7500.00 ? If it is, I might still be interested.


  10. David Eilers

    Hi Venu,

    I haven’t seen this relisted recently. I’ve updated the post. If I see it relisted anywhere, I will drop you a note.

    – Dave

  11. Joe in Mesa

    I wonder if that paint looks as nice in person as it does in that first pic. I love it!

  12. Eric Jarvis

    This is the first perkins that I have seen on ewillys in a while . The only other one I have seen was at the willys picnic in Kempton . It is a nice looking CJ and would like to see plow make , and more info. I wonder if dual batteries were stock or a add on. Very cool.


  13. Barry West

    The same engine I have in my tractor. Simple to work on……hmmm, a thought just crossed my mind. Nope forget it, not happening. Nice Jeep tho.

  14. David Eilers

    Hi Jason,

    Based on the links in the post, either this sold or the seller is waiting to resist it. If I see it again I will email you.

    – Dave

  15. kim jong un

    That’s a lotta $$$$ for an oil burner ?? — whos got a cj-6 perkins for me ? — I need to find one before the virus gets me ..

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