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Caver-Wiggens July 1946 – November 1947

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Just a few updates today…

Jeep dealer Caver-Wiggins began operations in January of 1946 with three people incorporating the company: W. Ed Wiggins, Julius E. Wiggins, and J. B. Caver. Mr. W. Ed Wiggins was President of Pascagoula’s Rotary Club at the time.

The firm of Caver-Wiggins advertised jeeps for sale in the Pascagoula, Mississippi, Chronicle Star newspaper from July 1946 to November 1947. Caver-Wiggins also advertised Crosley automobiles in October of 1946 and Kaiser Frazier vehicles in November of 1946.

In October of 1947, the Caver-Wiggins corporate charter was changed and the firm renamed to Runnels-Wiggins, with Julius Wiggins and Davage Runnels taking control of the entity.

Subsequently, in February of 1948, Runnel-Wiggins became the Chronicle Star’s main jeep advertiser. Runnels-Wiggins ads began in February of 1948, then stopped in April of 1948.

Later, in December of 1948, Coast Cities Motor Sales would supplant Runnels-Wiggins as the main advertiser.

Below are some Caver-Wiggins ads:

July 05, 1946 Get a ‘Jeep’:


July 19, 1946 If you have Tough Jobs … and lots of ’em GET A ‘Jeep’:


March 28, 1947 The Versatile Farm Vehicle: 


April 25, 1947 Speed Up Work with the Vehicle that Does More Jobs:


May 23, 1947 Truck Utility Plus Tractor Power:


May 23, 1947 Over 50,000 Universal ‘Jeeps’ Now at Work on Farms and Ranches!


May 30, 1947 One Versatile Vehicle for 1,001 Jobs:


May 30, 1947 Here’s the Best Answer to a Service Call:


June 20, 1947 Seeing’s Believing:


August 08, 1947 All-Purpose Vehicle for Farm and Industry: 


August 15, 1947 4-Wheel-Drive Power Gets More Jobs Done:


October 17, 1947 See For Yourself All You Can Do With The Universal ‘Jeep’


Though by November of 1947 the jeep dealer’s named had been changed, this November 07, 1947 ad still bore Caver-Wiggins. You’ll also note that this is the only ad that included the W-over-the-O logo.




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  1. Tom

    Has anyone ever thought of making these old ads into very cool posters ? In color or black white 2×3 wall hangers. ???
    I’d get some !!!!

  2. Tom in Paris

    My first thought was T-shirts, but the poster idea is cool too. Especially liked the “package of power” ad from a couple of days ago. Thanks Dave!

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