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Runnels-Wiggins Dealer Ads Feb. 1948 – Apr. 1948

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UPDATE: The March 19, 1948, ad art was later used for this 1949 CJ-3A brochure.

The firm of Caver-Wiggins advertised jeeps for sale in the Pascagoula, Mississippi, Chronicle Star newspaper from July 1946 to November 1947.

In October of 1947, the Caver-Wiggins corporate charter was changed and the firm renamed to Runnels-Wiggins, with Julius Wiggins and Davage Runnels taking control of the entity.

In November of 1947, a week after the final Caver-Wiggins jeep ad, Runnel-Wiggins began advertising jeeps in the Chronicle Star. The ads only appear to last through April of 1948. No additional information appeared in the Chronicle Star about Runnel-Wiggins.

Later that year, in December of 1948, Coast Cities Motor Sales announced its status as a new jeep dealer in Pascagoula and began advertising in the Chronicle Star.

Below are some Runnels-Wiggins ads:

November 14, 1947 The Farm Vehicle That Works 12 Months a Year:


February 06, 1948 Get the Facts and You’ll Get a ‘Jeep’:


February 13, 1948 Winter Chores are Easier with the Universal ‘Jeep’:


February 20, 1948 America’s Most Versatile Farm Tool:


February 27, 1948 Power for Pulling:

March 05, 1948 Never Stands Idle:


March 12, 1948 Rainy Weather is Duck Soup to the Universal ‘Jeep’:


March 19, 1948 How to Cut Costs on Your Farm … Get a ‘Jeep’:


March 26, 1948 The “Stop-at-Nothing” Vehicle the Whole Country Needed:


April 09, 1948 Power 3 Ways with the Universal ‘Jeep’:


April 16, 1948 Everybody Likes the ‘Jeep’ Station Wagon


April 23, 1948 ‘Jeep’ 2 and 4 Wheel Drive Trucks Cut Hauling Costs (in this ad, Runnell is spelled with two “L”s):


April 30, 1948 You Get More for Your Money:




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  1. Fourty Eight

    I like 48 too — I have 1948 willys jeep truck parked in front of my 1948 2 story house — theres a 1948 general electric refrigerator in the kitchen — out back theres a **** load of 1948 willys products — 1948 was a good year for jeeps , houses and appliances ..

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