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1943 GPW Gilbert, AZ $8900

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UPDATE: price dropped to $8900.

1944-gpw-gilbert-az0 1944-gpw-gilbert-az1 1944-gpw-gilbert-az2

“This 1943 GPW ( VIN: GPW 101331 manufactured 04/1943) Jeep is ready for off-roading and hunting. Very well maintained always and stored indoors. As you can see from the photos it has a slight lift and larger wheels and tires.

Proper GPW Ford original chassis, body & drive train.The body is solid. Has reinforcements made by previous owner. No rust on floor boards or undercarriage.

Original GPW motor and t-84 transmission. The engine is GPW but the head on it is a later year (I may have the original head some where, not sure).

Rear axle is locked for off-roading. Front wheel locking hubs, low/high works perfect.

Very reliable and fun driver with 12 volt system.Foot starter and all lights and gauges work great.

Has driving brights for the night driving in the forest.

Seats are not original, custom for comfortable ride when off road ( I do Have one original seat with F marking in perfect condition),

Gas tank is non original.( I have the original gas tank) if you want.

Has the original data plates. I have photos of chassis number on frame, engine number on block and more.

It is a great candidate for restoring to original for a purist but I feel that one can enjoy it as is for hunting or going on trails and let it appreciate in value.Restore in future if you wish to.

Perfect if you have a mountain cabin. This thing will go practically anywhere.

Open to serious and reasonable offer from like minded hobbyist. If you have serious interest then Please do Call me so I can share more details on this jeep that you should know. “


3 Comments on “1943 GPW Gilbert, AZ $8900

  1. Mike

    I’m looking to do my first restoration. This seemed like a good candidate because I could basically remove the mods. I’m not sure about these checkered parts on the body. Is that for extra strength or does it mean there is damage to the body? Don’t want to get in over my head. Thoughts?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Mike,

    It is hard to say why someone put the diamond plating you see on the body, but it is most likely due to either 1) rust or 2) damage. Sometimes, diamond plating is bolted on to protect body parts, but when it’s made a permanent part of the body, it’s not usually because the body is pristine.

    Unless it was a prototype jeep or a really unusual situation, if I were to spend $12k on a vintage jeep, I’d expect it to be in very good condition. It should be a turn key vehicle. I know restored MBs and GPWs fetch somewhat higher prices these days, but by the time you sink time and money into this one to restore it, you’d likely be ahead by buying a $15k or more restored or almost restored (like missing combat rims for example) WWII jeep (the cost of little parts adds up fast).

    About six years ago a couple of us estimated it would probably cost $18k to build a ‘new’ jeep out of replacement parts. I don’t believe that figure has changed substantially.

    Whatever jeep you buy, your first jeep will likely have problems you didn’t anticipate. We’ve all made various mistakes buying that first or second jeep. I once bought a jeep that ran and drove, but forgot to do a simple check of the oil. Only when I got it home and it started running funning did I discover gray goo in the oil.

    I hope that helps,

    – Dave

  3. Mike

    Very helpful, Dave…thank you! Price was lowered to $8900 online…your comments are dead on, though. Thx again

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