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Year? CJ-3A Helena, MT $3500


It’s listed as a 1947 CJ-2A, but it looks to be a 3A.This half top is a curious one. It looks like it’s been built out of galvanized metal? If so I suspect it’s a home made one, perhaps modeled after a Porter & Reed top?

Year-cj2a-helena-mt02 Year-cj2a-helena-mt01 Year-cj2a-helena-mt0 Year-cj2a-helena-mt1
“Pulled this out of a Quonset a couple months ago, it’s a cool little Willys Jeep but I already have a CJ2A and this is one project too many.

Hasn’t run for about 4 years, I asked the guy how long he’d had it he said, “I put those 1973 plates on it. ”

We have not tried to start it, the oil looks good and it has antifreeze in it, the gas line is disconnected at the fuel pump, they had a little can on it last time it ran. The engine has pretty good looking red paint so I asked him about that. He said they had it rebuild a “Long time ago.”

It would be a fun project. Overall it’s pretty solid, rust in the floors but not bad, lots of “Patina.”

Take a look at the pictures, give me a call, come take a look. Bring money and a trailer.

Located between Helena and Townsend.

I wish I had a title but I don’t at this point. I may be able to “find” one. I also wish I had the driver’s side door. But I don’t.”

Year-cj2a-helena-mt3a Year-cj2a-helena-mt2 Year-cj2a-helena-mt3 Year-cj2a-helena-mt4


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