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Roy Rogers, Post Cereals, & the Win-A-Jeep Family Contest

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Roy Rogers and Post Cereals had a licensing agreement for an unknown period of time, but it at least covered the period between 1952-1955 (I’m sure the Roy Rogers & Dale Evans archives can better answer the time period question). Together, the entertainer and cereal manufacturer produced a series of TV spots, print ads, and merchandise.

Here’s an example of a Post Cereal Commercial with Roy Rogers, Pat Brady and a hint of Nelly Belle (see many more commercials here):

In 1952 and 1953, Roy Rogers teamed up with Post Cereals to produce a series of 36 pop-out cards about Roy’s epic adventures. View references to the names for the entire list of cards here.


Card #4 “Pat Brady and Hi Jeep, “Nelly Bell”. Of course, the front is actually the same size as the back. See better images here.

Post Cereals also released a series of 3D cards with Roy Rogers, a few that included jeeps, that required the use of 3D glasses. Here are two examples that include jeeps (there are some of these 3D items for sale on eBay).

sugar-crisp-3d-glasses 3d-cards-roy-rogers-jeep2


And one more off of eBay:


In 1953 Post Cereals joined Roy for a series of pins, one of which included NellyBelle on it.


The below image shows the pins advertised on the back of a Roy Rogers Comic book.


In May and June of 1954 Roy Rogers and Post Cereals teamed up for a Win-A-Jeep Family Contest (see additional info on the CJ-3B page). Importantly, this “contest” was actually a series of four weekly contests.

Entering the contest was simple; fans just had to complete the following phrase:

“My family’s favorite Post Cereal is  __________________ because ________________.”

To help spread the word about the contest, Post put out ads in a variety of shapes and sizes. The biggest splash may have been on TV with this commercial.

Print ads varied is size and shape. Some were full page magazine ads like this one. This contest advertises all the prizes available throughout all four weekly contests:


This ad was printed on the back fo the June 1954 issue of Roy Roger’s Magazine.

This full-page newspaper ad appeared May 9th, 1954, in the Philadelphia Inquirer and currently on eBay for $49. Instead of advertising all the prizes available, this one highlights how many prizes were available during just one contest week.


This partial page ad for the contest has an unknown date:


There were also small ads that appeared within grocery store ads. This was one of several I encountered. It was published May 20, 1954, issue of the Traverse City  Record-Eagle:


It’s hard to spot amongst all the items Tom’s Food Market offers, so here’s a blowup of it.


Perhaps the strangest give-away was the 1955 contest where an entrant could win their own Pony:

There are other example’s of Post Cereal and Roy Rogers tie-ins not covered above; it seems to have been a mutually satisfactory relationship.





3 Comments on “Roy Rogers, Post Cereals, & the Win-A-Jeep Family Contest

  1. Mike

    Of course, I remember this commercial. I was 5 years old in 1955, and I “conned” my mother into buying a box of POST SUGAR CRISP. Back then, we were loyal to Kellogg’s Cereals, so this was no easy task. WHY? just because I wanted to win a JEEP. Fifty five years later, when cleaning out an old ice box in the basement, I found the un opened box of POST SUGAR CRISP.
    Needless to say, this same scam didn’t work when my little sister wanted to win a PONY.

  2. Mike

    Roy & trigger.
    Contrary to your opinion, I have always thought of Pat Brady as a great character actor, the constant sidekick that supported the star actor, leading man.

    And, yes, I don’t get out much, the wise thing to do during these difficult times. I have no need to, perfectly content to live here at the “Monastery”.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I figured you’d have some input on this post. I was just a little too young to watch the episodes.

    Vernon’s been quarantined again …

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