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1949 Movie ‘Come to the Stable’

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The movie Come to the Stable includes a jeep in the movie and on many posters about the movie. Based on how often a jeep appears on advertising literature, I thought a jeep might have played a prominent role, but after reading a movie synopsis, it doesn’t seem that way. I couldn’t find a full version of the movie online to see for myself, but there is a version on Apple TV (and likely elsewhere).

The movie features a song titled “Through the Long and Sleepless Night“, with a record jacket that includes a jeep image. It was the reason I began researching the movie:


These are posters found online:

From across the pond in France:

And from Italy:

And, a couple press photos with the actresses in a jeep. This one is from eBay:

1949-press-photo-come-to-the-stable1 1949-press-photo-come-to-the-stable2

And this one is from eBay:



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