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Old Jeep on the Palmyra Atoll

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These images were located at the Hawaii State Archives, Digital Collections. The front bumper on this jeep was pretty beat up! All photos are from the Palmyra Atoll and include Jean Hobbs and Leslie Fullard. The site was very slow when I was exploring it, so searching is a little tedious.

year-jeep-palmyra-atoll-jeep-jean-hobbs Machine shop on Palmyra Atoll, formerly used to service military vehicles. Jean Hobbs in jeep with Leslie Fullard

This second photo includes the front of the jeep and was taken at the local laundry mat.

year-jeep-palmyra-atoll-jeep-jean-hobbs2 Joe Cavahlo, Jean Hobbs and Leslie Fullard-Leo

This third photo was taken at the same laundry:


4 Comments on “Old Jeep on the Palmyra Atoll

  1. Bingo

    That sign makes me wonder if’n that’s a Chinese laundry, or a place to recover after a long night @ the local watering hole.

  2. Morgan

    Palmyra Atoll was the site of murder and mayhem in August 1974. The book ‘And the Sea Will Tell’ by Vincent Bugliosi, tells the true story. A good read. No mention of the jeep tho

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