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September 1941 Article on Loosing The Army Contract

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This September 28th, 1941, article covered the ‘cold shoulder’ given to American Bantam by War Department.




2 Comments on “September 1941 Article on Loosing The Army Contract

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Very interesting article. Early repeated use of the term “jeep”, for example. Also the first time I’ve read that Ford got a contract before Willys to produce the jeep. One can completely understand Bantam’s bitterness of course.

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I once read that FDR family members owned stock in Willys Overland while all this was going on, implying that jeep manufacturing was steered towards that company. It’s also been pointed out that Willy’s Go Devil engine was far superior to Ford’s and Bantam’s engines. And in the end it seems like nobody in government really supported Bantam getting a significant piece of the jeep contract.

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