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VEEP? VW Jeep Logan, UT $3500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/22/2019) I’m not sure which model of VEEP-like vehicle this one is. Engine appears removed.

“Willy’s Jeep fiberglass tub Volkswagen transmission front and rear Volkswagen drivetrain”

veep-logan-ut2 veep-logan-ut3 veep-logan-ut4


3 Comments on “VEEP? VW Jeep Logan, UT $3500

  1. Gideon de Swardt

    There should be a plate rivited somewhere on the body. The first two letters indicate the month and the second set of letters indicate the year.
    I was able to trace the owner of the company that used to build them. Interesting is that they first build the Veep, made some changes and then called them Badger.

  2. Gideon de Swardt

    The one on this photo have a different bonnet/front end section. It could be a Gobex or some other make. The Veep and the Badger had a bonnet section that opened the same as the original Jeep. The one on the picture have only a square section that can open.

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