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General Box Company Cardboard Toy Jeep Middletown, CT $90

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UPDATE: This was on eBay in March.

(03/19/2020) I’ve never seen one of these. The seller has a variety of jeep-related toys and Willys stuff for sale. The seller also has a variety of toys hanging in his shop.

“Cardboard boxcar USA Army Jeep Little General PUSH l car, circa 1960s, made by the General Box Company in Illinois.







6 Comments on “General Box Company Cardboard Toy Jeep Middletown, CT $90

  1. Mike

    OK, this is a stretch, but here’s the story. When I was a child in the 1950’s, (some would argue, I still am a child) My Good old Uncle Joe came to the rescue one hot summer day, when I was bored playing with my toys, Unc showed me how to make NEW TOYS out of old shoe boxes. Suddenly my interest was sparked and I began cutting out head lights, grilles Etc to paste on the show box toys. Later that year, I received a Roy Rogers Chuck Wagon playset with a Nellybelle Jeep included. (it looked like a 3B) Well I took my cardboard cutting design skills, and made hard top and snowplow for Nellybelle. I still have Nellybelle to this day. Well, I told it was a stretch, but it related to cardboard toys, and gave me a chance to travel down Memory Lane. By the way, does anybody remember Joe Franklin’s Memory Lane TV show? I’d like to do an updated version one day, Mike Finegan’s Memory Lane.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I am not familiar with the show Mike, but I can only imagine Mike Finegan’s Memory Lane would be entertaining 🙂

  3. Barney Goodwin

    After seeing this item here and visiting the site, I realized it was someone I’d done business with for 10 years. After checking the site, I bought a nice, 1988 “Checkpoint” brass WW2 Jeep display made for Jeep and dealer employees to put in our showcase.
    Mike, shoebox story brought back memories. Growing up in Houston we’d get rains that would fill the street curb to curb. Opportunity to use our model battleships and destroyers. I wanted to upgrade to a Carrier, and went to Rice Food Mkt and got packing crates and made them. Firecrackers wouldn’t damage them like the plastic models lol.

  4. Mike

    Barney, Yes, memories are great, a kind of back to the future life event, that renews our spirit, especially helpful in dealing with today’s world crisis situation.

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