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1946 Photo of Freddy Holmqvist on eBay

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Is Freddy Holmqvist someone that was famous? Does the Swedish caption provide any clues?

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“Swedish students after passing exams, Freddie Holmqvist driving home
sodra latin, Stockholm, Sweden
Photo size:
6″ x 8.2″ inches”




4 Comments on “1946 Photo of Freddy Holmqvist on eBay

  1. Barney Goodwin

    I can just hear the crowds bursting out in song … can you?…. like in the movie Pepe (1960) or The Music Man (1962)!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Barney … I’m afraid I don’t know either movie. But, it looks like quite the celebration!

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Dave, this photo does bring a smile to me. I see the photo being presented to a class to write an essay on. And it reminds me of one of my favorite Jeep memories: Stationed with the Navy in Stockton CA in 72-76, several WAVES wanted me to drive them to Oakland Alameda NAS to visit their friends. They all piled into my brand new 73 CJ5 with the top down. I remember more there being more girls than seats.

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