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Giant Flatfender Jeep in Abu Dhabi

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UPDATE: Vince shared an article from that provides more information on the Rainbow Sheikh (Sheigh Hamad bin Hamdan) who built the world’s largest running jeep. It had been many years since my last post on the subject, so it was time to update this post.

In 2010, reports were that Guinness Book of World Records had recognized the jeep as the largest running jeep in the world; however, I could not verify the record through the Guinness web site. Recently, a huge CJ-5 built by the same Shiekh for his offload museum may have surpassed the flat fender.

worlds-largest-jeep-abu-dhabi1 worlds-largest-jeep-abu-dhabi3 worlds-largest-jeep-abu-dhabi4


Published in April of 2009:  I thought it was just a fake keep prop of some kind, but apparently it’s being built on the framework of a large quarry mining truck. 







7 Comments on “Giant Flatfender Jeep in Abu Dhabi

  1. Lylito

    I spent thirty minutes googling them. For the soldier with the jeep, I believe, based on the subject of the sculpture, the proximity to railroad tracks, and the yellow bus/train thingie just over the jeep, that it’s in Europe. What’s French for jeep? I wonder if European locations will work with your mapping solution.

  2. deilers

    Cool .. thanks for taking the time to search for it. Yes, the european locations should work. I think ‘jeep’ is french for jeep, but i have a friend who is fluent in French, so I’ll ask him.

    – Dave

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