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October 1956 Article Introducing the Jeep Dispatcher

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This article appeared in the Miami News on October 09, 1956. That seemed a late date for an “introductory” announcement. The article highlighted the low operating cost, the 30,000 mile maintenance guarantee, the four body styles, and the wide range of duties the new jeep could perform.



One comment on “October 1956 Article Introducing the Jeep Dispatcher

  1. Mike

    Within the context of the news article, it mentions the many possible businesses that could benefit from the DJ3A Dispatcher used for deliveries. I can see how the Dispatcher with the sliding doors would be a perfect, efficient vehicle for newspaper delivery. Doors out of the way gives the driver a clear shot to fling a newspaper up to the customers door.
    Back in the 80’s, I lost the door on my 1962 Chevy when it rolled down the street, caught up with it and threw the door in the back seat. I think I would have made a good salesman for a Willys dealership in the 50’s & 60’s, back then, it was considered a profession. it took skill and a command of the language. In today’s world, all you need to be is a shyster.

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