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June 1954 Willys Wagon Ad Poster For Sale

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UPDATE: I’ve got 20 posters of the Better Homes and Gardens ad I posted last month for sale. They are 28″ x 22″, the same size as the poster I sold a two years ago (I also ordered twenty additional 1956 Jeep Family posters that I plan on selling, too). 

Posters are $25 each (shipping is included in that for the continental US). Two posters are $45 (shipping included).  EMAIL me at if you’d like one or more. I will accept a check or PayPal.

This better shows the size as compared to my guitar:


Here’s the other poster, one based a 1956 brochure;

poster-better-homes-garden1This shows the original brochure (entire original brochure here) vs. the completed poster.


Original post from June 2020: This June 1954 Willys wagon ad was published in Better Homes and Gardens. It’s such a cool ad that I thought it might make a good poster.



9 Comments on “June 1954 Willys Wagon Ad Poster For Sale

  1. David Eilers Post author

    I’ve cleaned this up and have it ready to print at a 28″ tall x 22″ wide. I just think that the small images will pop more on a larger sized poster. Let me know if you think that’s too big of a size and would prefer it a little smaller (24x18ish) is another option. I plan to purchase between 30-50, depending on the price point discounts.

  2. Dave T in CT

    Hi Dave – I think as you said the bigger size would be nice as long as the images stays in focus I would be interest in two or three – when your ready I’ll send you a check – thanks Dave , for your wonderful site and all you do ! !

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