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Thanks for the Colombian Gifts!

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On Monday I received an unexpected and wonderful letter and gift that brightened my day.

A reader named Kerry sent me a box. Inside the box was a letter, some postcards, and a CJ-3B ‘yipao’ toy from Colombia. The letter explained that Kerry, who lives in Wisconsin, had visited Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia. While there he discovered some garages that only serviced jeeps; so he began taking photos to share with all of us (sadly, the photos were later lost).

A local man approached Kerry and asked him what he was doing. Kerry responded, telling him that he was taking pics for eWillys. Upon hearing that, the Colombian smiled. He said he reads eWillys every day.

Realizing they had eWillys in common, the Colombian gave Kerry a tour of the area. At the end of it, the Colombian asked Kerry to transport the toy jeep to the US and mail it to me.

So who was this mysterious Colombian? He said he did not want to be named or photographed, which only adds to the mystery of the tale. 

A big thanks to Kerry for everything and to my unknown Colombia benefactor; I home I can repay the kindness some day!

In the meantime Kerry, you should watch for a thank you package….

2020-06-22-cj3b-toy-gift1 2020-06-22-cj3b-toy-gift2

The three postcards:

This first postcard contains several images of the market and plaza in Santurario, Risaralda, Colombia. I most definitely want to visit Colombia, but I’m not sure if I would enjoy the jeeps, the coffee, the people or the markets the most!

colombia-domingo-de-mercado-santuario-risaralda-postcard1-lores colombia-domingo-de-mercado-santuario-risaralda-postcard2-lores

Lest you think there are only CJ-3Bs in Colombia, check out these round-fendered jeeps from what I believe is the same square as shown above. They look to be either CJ-6s or a variant of them:

This second postcard celebrates the Coffee axis (perhaps best described here):colombia-yipao-de-law-cultura-cafetera-postcard1-lores

On the back of this card is a mysterious note jotted by D.B. Cooper ….


This third postcard shows one of the jeeps at the Parque National-del Cafe (which recently installed a jeep-looking roller coaster):
colombia-parque-national-postcard-cj3b1-lores colombia-parque-national-postcard-cj3b2-lores


7 Comments on “Thanks for the Colombian Gifts!

  1. SteveK

    Well, Dave, that sure has to make you proud! So now we know where a lot of Jeep parts go. 🙂 I wonder if that was daily traffic or a Jeep Show in the square? I Love the little village as pictured.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Hopefully I can investigate the traffic and the square personally, then report back 🙂

    – Dave

  3. Frank

    All because of the way you project who you are. Everybody the world around likes that. Very nice story.

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