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Willys Audio-Visual Unit Wagon Brochure

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This Willys Audio-Visual Unit brochure is undated and lacks a form number. I’d guess this was published circa 1956.


willys-audio-visual-unit-brochure2-lores willys-audio-visual-unit-brochure3-lores



4 Comments on “Willys Audio-Visual Unit Wagon Brochure

  1. Mike

    Interesting Vehicle brochure, states that it comes fully equipped with audio visual equipment. The brochure is very detailed in it’s description, but lacking detail in brand names and technical information of supplied audio visual equipment. I would think this would be very important to someone looking to purchase the Willys Audio-Visual Unit. Being that it came equipped, Willys must of had a supply arrangement with a A-V manufacturer, so using a brand name in advertising would be a big plus for sales. Sometimes, I just don’t understand the thinking behind the Willys Kaiser advertising dept.

  2. Barry

    Don’t know if you saw this Chris works at Indiana University and I am retired from there. We are researching the making of the movie, but have been slowed by the university resources being shut down at the moment. This brochure has more equipment detail
    I have a buddy who is helping me with the equipment research. I’m looking for info on who did the body modifications.

  3. mike

    Barry, Yes, this brochure has a lot of vital information as to audio visual equipment specifications and recognizable brand name manufacturers. This must have been early 1960’s with the 230 overhead cam engine, that surprised me. I also am curious about the body modifications please post when you find more information. Thank you, I appreciate it, made my day.

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