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1956 6×6 Dump Truck Bryan, OH $6000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $6000.

This appears to have a rare set of Thor hubs. It doesn’t run.

“1956 Willys Dump truck with tag axle
RARE thought to be 1 of 20 made
Bed dumps left, right, and to the rear
Factory pto front driven winch
226 hurricane inline 6 cyl.
Spare parts on bed
Does not currently run”

1956-6x6-dump-truck1 1956-6x6-dump-truck2


1956-6x6-dump-truck3 1956-6x6-dump-truck4 1956-6x6-dump-truck5

1956-6x6-dump-truck6 1956-6x6-dump-truck7


15 Comments on “1956 6×6 Dump Truck Bryan, OH $6000

  1. Doug in Ohio

    Dave not sure how you have not heard of this either.What a cool truck with being able to dump left or right!Perhaps someone can chime in that has at least seen this type of dump bed before.This is like an hour and a half from me.But I don’t need another project!

  2. Allan J. Knepper

    That truck is really an engineering project ! I do not have any idea on a specific task it may have been built for, but it sure would seem handy.
    The only example of a ” side dump” that I have seen are full size 2ton “beet box” trucks on farms primarily out in Colorado and other western farm and ranch areas. Not sure about why you needed a side dump to haul beets in from the field.

  3. Blaine

    (Sorry Dave if this appears to be aimed at you at the moment). If the rear axle is tag axle than it’s not a 6×6. (I do realize 6×4 is just awkward to say but facts are facts). As in a normal car isn’t a 4×4. And while I’m on this roll, a 2wd vehicle isn’t 2×4. That refers to a piece of lumber. You say the number of total wheels, then how many drive the vehicle.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    No worries. I think that’s an important comment to make (and I had wondered whether one or both sets of rear axles were powered in this case). That said, I decided, for the purposes of my simplistic organization herein, that calling it a 6×6 helps differentiate it from the standard vehicles. So, if I confuse anyone on this issue, my apologies!

    – Dave

  5. Ted Jordan

    Wicked cool no matter what you call it. I’ve had at least 20 Willys Trucks over the years maybe closer to 30 and I’ve never seen one. The side to side dump capability reminds me of the Unimog trucks

  6. JoeB

    Its probably only a shift pattern sticker, but if the square tag to the right of the speedometer is a dash data plate, I’ll love to see what it says.

    Looks like someone chained the rear cross member to something immovable, and then tested the ultimate capacity of the front-mounted pto winch.

    Its got character.

  7. Bill Norris

    I have seen prototype pictures of these a long time ago. They were 6 wheel (Not sure if 6wd though) and tilt/dump. They were custom made in a special dept at the factory. Very cool.


  8. SteveK

    1 of 20 made. This belongs in a Willys museum. I would love to see the bed in action or at least raised to show the rear power train drive past the “dead axle”. Lots of knobs and even an interesting dash lay out. Willys knew how to satisfy customer needs.

  9. Bob

    Can you imagine how underpowered this thing it with the 60 HP engine and a big load on the truck? Very cool find though, and I think it belongs in a museum too.

  10. SteveK

    It has the straight six, so a little more than 60HP, and lots of torque, and probably some low gearing to pull loads. The side dumping might be interesting counter balance needs. I hope it gets a good home with public access some day.

  11. jess

    Personally I think it’d be a shame for a piece of automotive art like this to be in such a place as a museum. All I know is if I could give this truck a home every one would be able to see it, it would be on the road where it belongs that truck was meant to be used. Good luck to who ever ends up with it I’m sure I speak for everyone I’d love to see more of it

  12. Vintage Don

    Just a thought here on whether it is a 6×4, or might be a true 6×6. The emblem on the side of the hood says “4 Wheel Drive.” I have to think that when Willys was creating this “1 of 20” beast – and if making it with 6 driven wheels – thinking of all the unique parts and bits such a project would require – they would certainly have created the “6 Whhel Drive” emblem to brag to ther world what they had done….

  13. SteveK

    1956 Willys Dump truck with “tag axle”… Seller verifies it is a 6-Tires X 4-Driven plus tag axle 2. I wonder who had the patent on the 3-way dump system? A very rare piece of Willys History for $6K.

  14. Greg Stahl

    Those dump bodies were in fact built and used. They were called “Cemerety Dump Bodies” I’ve seen one on a Dodge Power Wagon. A much better chassis for that use than that wierd thing. But Jeep had to try!

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