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1956 Domestic Truck Brochure Forms W-252-6

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xUPDATE: There were actually two different Form W-252-6’s produced during 1956. This green one shown below and the one at the bottom. Both differ significantly from the export version of the form, which is Form W-252-6X

What’s the difference between them? Well, the text, the fonts, and the font sizes are nearly identical. Both forms open up to 11″x17″. Obviously the front of the bottom version is more colorful and the front color image is certainly different. But, what might be the biggest change and the reason for the alternative version is that the green-themed brochure is printed with the word ‘Jeep’ in a san-serif font in numerous places, while the brochure at the bottom uses the much more standard jeep font. Finally, you’ll also notice that “WILLYS” is absent from the front of the green brochure, while “BY WILLYS” is prominent on the front of the colorful brochure.

Because that reasoning, I believe this is Version #1 of Form W-252-6 …



1956-form-w-252-6-green-truck-brochure4-lores 1956-form-w-252-6-green-truck-brochure3-lores

This is how the back of the brochure looks fully opened…



This brochure opens up to 17″x11″.  I believe this is Version #2 of Form W-252-6 …

Scannable Document

Scannable Document Scannable Document Scannable Document


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  1. stake-body serial number D

    notice the color coordinated wood on the truck stake-sides ? – I wondered why the stake-sides I have had green paint on them ? – now , if someone knows what kind of wood the flat-bed and stakes-sides were made of , i’d be a happy KAMPER !! – it was plainly some kind of wood that rotted out fairly quickly , hence , no to very few willys stake-body trucks still on the road ..

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