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1948 CJ-2A Auburn Hills, MI $5600


UPDATE: Still Available

Seller respectfully asks any interested buyers to arrive with face mask and gloves.

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“A Wyoming 1948 2a I brought it home a couple of years ago, did a lot or wrenching on it to make it driveable which now it is. All new brake lines, brake cylinders and master cylinder. Lights are wired and working, new light switch too. A very solid willys for the year but not rust free. The tub is better than most and not a Michigan bondo bucket.

I still have the Wyoming title.
What does not come with the Willys are the following: carburetor which I borrowed from my other willys. The carb that it had on it needs a good cleaning or rebuild, kits are $45. When I brought it home the gas tank leaked, while it can be fixed I will include another tank in better shape but it to needs fixed too. That is a galvanized oem tank to my knowledge. (The tank thats in it now will be pulled once the Willys is sold. Last, the 6 volt battery. (Everyone is going to a 12 volt system these days, im not)

While you can come and look at it, keep in mind were all in quarantine so “you must were a face mask and atleast some kind of gloves as I well be too. The Willys isn’t worth losing our lives over”


One comment on “1948 CJ-2A Auburn Hills, MI $5600

  1. Terry

    So this guy is selling a jeep, and once it’s sold, he’s going to remove the gas tank, carb. and battery. Plus he wants you to wear a mask and gloves or you’ll die . Give me a break !

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