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1961 Traveller? Wagon Edgewood, WA $20,000

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The seller listed this as a 1961, but then in the description as a 1963. Looks like a possible Traveller to me.

“63 Willys wagon, ex forest service
‘64 Buick nailhead, T18, updated rear end, tilt steering wheel, power steering, runs and drives See Less”

1961-wagon-traveller-edgewood-wa0 1961-wagon-traveller-edgewood-wa1 1961-wagon-traveller-edgewood-wa2


8 Comments on “1961 Traveller? Wagon Edgewood, WA $20,000

  1. Bingo

    Looks like a standard wagon w/barn door conversion. Factory windows & wheel wells cut round from flat.
    Beefy steering conversion & price typo.

  2. Terry

    Not a standard wagon . The US govt. did contract Willys for station wagons with sedan delivery rears .

  3. Dan B.

    Doesn’t look to be a Traveller for the reasons mentioned above. This looks to be one of those regular wagons with barn doors. Willys did a few of these at the factory in the 196”s as specials. Of course, owners could convert to barn doors too.

    I emailed the seller for more info. Would be great to see the GSA plate on the dash.

    Cool find. Thanks for posting, Dave.

  4. Bingo

    Willys embossed bumper, EZ swap/ But there are no holes for tail lights in the body, but it has the ribbed roof?! I’m no expert & not tryin to start any forum. I just enjoy learning new shtuff about these from the best source I know.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Bingo, heck, I’m still learning about wagons and trucks, too. Worse, I keep forgetting the stuff I learn!

  6. Terry

    Last word on the Traveller, the sure way to tell if it is a Traveller is to look at the interior . The seats run along the sides and Willys cut the tops of the wheel houses flat, so they would fit .

  7. Dan B.

    Yeah, Terry is right. I asked the seller the exact question two days ago… crickets.

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