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1951 M-38 McKinney, TX $19,400

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There’s some kind of bar installed between the front frame rails. Unclear what it did/does.





“All original!! Original four-cylinder 60hp motor, all lights in working order that air raid light/blackout light is the light on the fender as well as the headlights even the gauge lights work! Tires are almost new but I have been driving it quite a bit lately… Original windshield wipers that are exhaust fed, original front and rear seats, original plates on the dashboard As well as all the brackets on the bumpers for lifting and towing… original even down to the front tow rope. Too many extra list!

Mechanically this jeep is amazing! The brakes have been re-done recently you can see it in the photos… This jeep goes maximum speed of 50 miles an hour most of these jeeps only go 30 to 35… It’s reliable starts every time even when it hasn’t been driven for weeks! Transmission is great all the gears work including the low and high, all the axles work, this is a running machine and I’ve been using it to drive my daughter to school each day and take the family out on rides on the weekends.

No tire kickers please serious inquiries only! I don’t have time for time wasters that have a lot of questions and want to talk about history… Serious callers only… Text is great and if we want to proceed we can talk on the phone…”


8 Comments on “1951 M-38 McKinney, TX $19,400

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Dave, Length and diameter of it makes me guess it might be a hand crank with the dog leg handle end underneath. Driver side end does appear to turn downward and may be clamped in there among the mess. Or perhaps a torque reaction type stabilizer – but why?

  2. Bill

    Has wrong carb, newer light switch, only one wiper (wrong one). Are front b.o. lights painted? MB body handles? No battery box. Data plates are screwed not riveted.
    Other than that – original!

  3. Joey G

    Original windshield wipers that are exhaust fed?
    Most Jeeps go 30-35, this one goes 50.
    Interesting description for an “all original” with MB/GPW handles, etc, etc…

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Joey: If the wipers are original, it sounds like it could use some new wipers 🙂 … I’m sure the seller meant ‘vacuum’ powered.

    Bill: All god points

    Barney: Why is the question….maybe the front crossmember was cracking, so this was meant to help?

  5. Barney Goodwin

    Dave, I didn’t mean Why the question but Why such a support if that’s what it is. Would seem too small to reinforce a cross member issue. Interesting the stuff you see on these Jeeps though, and the lack of descriptions leave us to our imaginations.

  6. JOhn

    The early M38’s did have the data plates screwed directly into the dash. Eventually, all the plates were mounted on a master plate then secured with four screws. John

  7. Bill

    Don’t think they used Phillips head screws on data plate. Would have been slotted.
    I don’t think there is a Phillips head on the entire M38.

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