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May 1945 Post-War Jeep Article

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This article was published in the May 20, 1945, issue of the Spokesman Review. One fact that surprised me is that by 1945 only 2% of world’s farms were mechanized.



3 Comments on “May 1945 Post-War Jeep Article

  1. Mom

    I am sold. I think I can use a couple of Jeeps. Oh, that’s right I have a couple of Jeeps on my property. I just can’t drive them. Somebody I know has the keys!

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, the article says less than 2% of the world’s farms are mechanized, not just USA farms. Still, I think the percentage of mechanized 1945 farms in the US may not be very high due to wartime civilian tractor production being curtailed. But then again they could have been limping along with old prewar farm equipment so technically they’s be “mechanized”.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Steve: Indeed I was incorrect and appreciate the correction. Our hands have been full around here with some rough days and nights with my mother-in-law, so my focus is less than 100% right now. As of this morning she’s back in the hospital and, if she doesn’t improve, won’t be returning home.

    Mom: Key to Patterson is in the garage on the shelf near the light switch by all the nuts and bolts. But, I don’t think your hip or knee will enjoy the tight squeeze into Patterson’s driver seat :-).

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