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1948 W-O Builds 5 Great Lines of Trucks Brochure

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This August 1, 1948, brochure extolls the five lines of trucks produced by Willys-Overland. This is one of the earliest Truck brochures, if not the earliest?

The problem I have with this brochure is that it doesn’t seem very clear on what constitutes the “five” truck lines. Are the wagons and jeeps considered trucks for the purposes of this brochure? Page 3 of the brochure suggests that could be the case. On the other hand, there’s no Universal ‘Jeep’ shown within the tri-fold main portion of the brochure (though a Universal jeep lands on the back of the brochure).

Based on the brochure, I would say the 5 TRUCK lines are 1) The 2WD ‘Jeep’ Pick-Up Truck; 2) The 4WD ‘Jeep’ Pick-Up Truck; 3) The ‘Jeep’ Platform Stake Truck; 4) The ‘Jeep’ Canopy Truck; and 5) The ‘Jeep’ Van Truck. I am likely incorrect about this …

1948-07-01-willys-overland-builds-5-great-lines-of-jeeps-trucks1-lores 1948-07-01-willys-overland-builds-5-great-lines-of-jeeps-trucks2-lores 1948-07-01-willys-overland-builds-5-great-lines-of-jeeps-trucks3-lores

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6 Comments on “1948 W-O Builds 5 Great Lines of Trucks Brochure

  1. C

    I think the five lines are the column headers which match the bullet points at the bottom of the cover page. It is an odd way to categorize them.

    Panel/Delivery Utility
    2wd 4700#
    2wd 5300#
    4wd 5300#
    Universal Jeep

  2. Vintage Don

    I also have this original piece. I am curious how you dated it Aug 1,1948, Dave. Mine is identical (without having studied under a magnifying glass anyway). And it is stamped – like businesses used to stamp the date on everything that came in the door – it is stamped Oct 18, 1947 very clearly. Also (separately) stamped “Fred Smith” – presumably the dealer. This stamp was more carefully placed just above the Willys Overland line, so it appears to then read “Fred Smith Willys Overland.” (Glad to send photos if you want any).

    I guess my reason to ask how you dated yours is – mine is dated via the stamp many months earlier than you have stated. I never found any date code on mine, just the stamped date.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Don,

    Mine had a “7-1-48–printed in USA” near the bottom of page 3. I’ve added an image of that to the post. Yours sounds like it was an earlier printing. Did you compare the details of the text to see if they are the same?

    – Dave

  4. Vintage Don

    Fascinating – there IS one difference that I found. And I found the Date, right where you said, on page 3. It is 7-1-47 so clearly this is exactly one year earlier (annual review and update?). Mine does not include the words “printed in USA” with the date, however.

    It took me a while to spot the difference. It was a “Forest, not a Tree” kinda thing, haha.

    When unfolded fully open, my 1947 edition proclaims across the bottom – “Willys-Overland – makers of America’s most useful vehicles”. But in your 1948 edition, they have expanded the scope – yours says “Willys-Overland – makers of the World’s most useful vehicles”.

    We were no longer limited to only America! I’ll email you a photo of mine spread fully open, and a close-up of the Date.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    That would be great. It’s fun to uncover these little differences!

    – Dave

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