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1949? CJ-2A Bluffton, GA $10,000

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This could possibly be a late 1948 or 1949 CJ-2A. Either that or it is a 3A with a replacement 2A body.

“Restored, complete and going perfectly. Licensed and insured, titled.
Mileage unsure. About 10k miles since restoration.
Restored to roadworthy condition.
One issue – it has a paint problem – that will require a repaint. A base coat is not adhering correctly.
Converted to 12V. ”

1949-cj2a-bluffton-ga0 1949-cj2a-bluffton-ga1 1949-cj2a-bluffton-ga2 1949-cj2a-bluffton-ga3 1949-cj2a-bluffton-ga4


2 Comments on “1949? CJ-2A Bluffton, GA $10,000

  1. keith Buckley

    Although the pictures are low enough resolution to make it difficult, I’m thinking OMIX/MD Juan. That would explain the paint adhesion issue as well as the goofy passenger seat pivot location and the ‘artful’ manner in which the shifters come through the floorpan.

  2. Mike

    Base coat clear coat 2 stage painting is a very tricky process, if you are used to single stage paints. Takes some practice and and getting used to spraying lighter coats of base color. Another factor is temperature, and using the correct temperature reducer. Dupont Centari was a breeze to paint compared to today’s automotive finishes. Practice make perfect.

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