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1973 Eagle Indanola, NE **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

Never heard of the Eagle amphibious ATV. There might be a review of this in the August 1970 issue of Mechanix Illustrated.

“This is a very rare amphibious ATV. They competed for the military contract against Coot. Coot eventually won the contract so eagle went by the wayside. I have restored about 90% of this and have put in a well running Vanguard. It needs some work still to be completely finished but I have lost Interest in being the one to finish it. It would be cool to finish it and use it as a river rig or take it to the sand pits and you should be able to just drive out on the water with it, that was always my goal. One sold on eBay a few years ago it was completely restored for 7500. I have not seen one for sale since then, I see coots on there all the time but they’re much more common. Make me an offer or I’m open to trades. Motorcycles, four-door with a long box or anything that I can take to the lake. Let me know what you got.”

eagle-atv3 eagle-atv2 eagle-atv1 eagle-brochure-atv2 eagle-brochure-atv


6 Comments on “1973 Eagle Indanola, NE **SOLD**

  1. Dennis Starks

    There was no competition between Eagle and Coot for anything! Coot in fact became Eagle in 1985. The entire military contract claim is BS!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the note. This certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen bad history within an ad. We run into this all the time in the vintage Jeep market. I know nothing of Eagle or Coots and don’t know their history.

  3. Ben Blackley

    Do you have any more photos or information on eagles in general. I’m in the early stages of restoring one and would you to pick your brain.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Ben,

    It looks this vehicle has sold. I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

  5. David Eilers Post author


    If you want to email me a link to where it is listed or email me with more info, I’ll post it to eWillys. You can contact me at

    – Dave

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