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CJ-5 Jeep Sign on eBay

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Cool sign!

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“For your consideration a sign. The sign is made of metal. It is hand made and has a painted finish. There is some damage to the finish. I am selling it as shown. It measures 48″ in width by 24″ in height. An excellent addition to any advertising collection or if you just want to own a really neat sign. I am selling this item with no reserve.”


8 Comments on “CJ-5 Jeep Sign on eBay

  1. Barney Goodwin

    It is a cool sign. But watch out on pricing, people. Check their “Other Items” including what may be hundreds of other signs supposedly “made for a restaurant chain that went out of business”. While it says the seller is in IL, I recognize some of these signs – including the blue Jeep sign of another listing – as “Buy It Now” reproduction products from India by different sellers. Don’t get sucked into the excitement of the auction on these!

  2. Barney Goodwin

    SE Penn Steve, Not necessarily. That cheap steel will rust hanging in your garage; or in transit in a container from overseas. Storage issues. Probably the case here. But don’t forget, distressing a reproduction sign to look old is a common marketing trick today including techniques of “applied rusting” which I think is done through chemical splash. Go to her ebay page and click on her Negative Feedback. I’m not trying to be cruel to her or her country. Just a Buyer beware.

  3. Blaine

    This looks like just too many “handmade” neat signs for one person to have. Alot of them look to be in similar condition. The rust patterns on the back just don’t seem to be a “natural (non) pattern”.

  4. Ted jordan

    I’m with Barney on these signs. They look like the type of signs you can find at your local fairground and with feedback like that I wouldn’t be getting into a bidding war on any of em

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