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May 1961 Jeep News

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Just one post today. This is the last of the Jeep News papers I bought last month. Hopefully, I can locate some more soon.

This May 1961 issue contains ALOT of Surrey and Dispatcher jeeps: Ice Cream delivery, Pepe ‘actors’, and fleet transportation are just some of the uses. The Kellogg contest fills an entire page with lots of pics. The Truth or Consequences Jeep Derby results are highlighted. Even the Utah Jeep Posse’s are mentioned.

The ‘Jeep’ Fleet line of ads look interesting (page 3) ; I don’t know much about those.

Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos


5 Comments on “May 1961 Jeep News

  1. Barney Goodwin

    PAGE 8, I remember going to see the movie like it was yesterday and the theme song. But I had forgot any relationship to the Surrey.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Barney: I’m still hunting down the “Surrey ballet” scene. No luck so far …

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Dave, I’d like to know. I was 6 yr old when I went to see that and didn’t remember them in it. By then I already owned my first Jeep – A tin Litho MP.
    And next on American Pickers, Mike and Frank discover a life sized cutout of Pepe holding his hat in the air, tells the Calif owner the story behind it, and said they’ll call their friend, Barney, to put a value on it.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Barney, that sounds like quite an episode!! lol. My first jeep (that I can remember) was a Tonka olive drab military jeep. My grandmother bought it for me and it lived at her house, hence the reason it is still in very good original condition.

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