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Berg Truck & Parts Company Ads in Popular Mechanics

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The first three ads appeared in Popular Mechanics during 1946, first in February, then March, then June. Note that the February ad does not include the King of Jeeps moniker, but the later two ads have it.


February 1946 Ad in Popular Mechanics, the earliest one I could find.


By June 1946 Berg was advertising Amphibious vehicles.

A November 1955 ad highlighted the use of private labeling by Berg. The hardtop looks like a Worman Jee-Cab that’s been rebranded “the Jeep King All Steel Cab”. I’m sure the “Jeep King Snow Plow” is another private labeled product.


This was the latest Ad from Berg that I found, though my searches were not extensive.


6 Comments on “Berg Truck & Parts Company Ads in Popular Mechanics

  1. Mark S.

    Capstan winches for $25 as late as June 1959! That is some deal, but may not include everything needed. He change the ad from jeeps and trucks, to ideal for Boat and marine use. I wonder if these were mostly GPA surplus units.

  2. Brian

    Possible “race car” idea: Since they were selling military surplus stuff, I wonder if they sold the tear drop shaped aircraft fuel tanks that hot rodders used to build aerodynamic “belly tank” salt lakes race cars?

  3. Allan J. Knepper

    Brian……great thought……lots and lots of those surplus belly tanks were turned into very neat race cares for El Mirage and Bonneville.
    I also wonder whether some of the post war dirt track midget race car people were buying Willys engines for race car projects. I have had several post war midget race cars and you rarely see a Willys used as an engine……..mostly Ford V8/60 flatheads or Offenhausers for the rich guys……but there were some odd and creative combinations out there.

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