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1959 Review of the Willys Wagon and Land Rover

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This three-part article appeared in the August 1959 issue of Car Life magazine. The first two-page article is a general look at both vehicles. Then, there’s a long review of the Willys Wagon followed by a long review of the Land Rover. I got the sense that the reviewer Mr. Jim Whipple was more impressed with the Land Rover than the wagon. You be the judge….

General review:


Willyls Wagon review:

1959-08-carlife-mag-wagon-vs-landrover-reviews04-lores 1959-08-carlife-mag-wagon-vs-landrover-reviews05-lores 1959-08-carlife-mag-wagon-vs-landrover-reviews06-lores


Land Rover review:

1959-08-carlife-mag-wagon-vs-landrover-reviews08-lores 1959-08-carlife-mag-wagon-vs-landrover-reviews09-lores


1959-08-carlife-mag-wagon-vs-landrover-reviews11-lores1959-08-carlife-mag-wagon-vs-landrover-reviews10-lores 1959-08-carlife-mag-wagon-vs-landrover-reviews12-lores


Magazine cover:1959-08-carlife-mag-wagon-vs-landrover-reviews13-lores


One comment on “1959 Review of the Willys Wagon and Land Rover

  1. Bingo

    Methinks Mr. Whipple got his Charmin squeezed by those Rover Limey’s B4 he wrote the article. I never heard anybody on this side of the pond refer to “demisting.”

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