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1952 Vic Hickey Jeep Articles in Hot Rod Magazine

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UPDATE: This post has been updated with the May 1952 article on Vic Hickey’s “Mountain Goat” jeep.

1952-05-hot-rod-mag-hickey-mountain-goat-jeep1-lores 1952-05-hot-rod-mag-hickey-mountain-goat-jeep2-lores 1952-05-hot-rod-mag-hickey-mountain-goat-jeep3-lores 1952-05-hot-rod-mag-hickey-mountain-goat-jeep4-lores

The magazine also included a shout-out in the What’s New section (left) and  a Hickey ad (right).

1952-05-hot-rod-mag-hickey-mountain-goat-jeep5-lores 1952-05-hot-rod-mag-hickey-mountain-goat-jeep6-lores


First published in June of 2020: This October 1952 Hot Rod magazine “Jet-Hot Jeep” story is an update from a previous story earlier in the year (May 1952) that the magazine published. Following the article in the May 1952 issue of Hot Rod Magazine, HIckey updated the jeep with an engine that was bored to larger specs and topped with a different head and new intake manifold. The winch is powered with a Ford starter.

1952-10-hotrod-mag-1-lores 1952-10-hotrod-mag-2-lores



5 Comments on “1952 Vic Hickey Jeep Articles in Hot Rod Magazine

  1. Colin Peabody

    The aluminum Hickey cylinder head is just like the one on our 1960 DJ3A Surrey, although I have not bored the engine out to 150 ci. Interesting that he used the Henry J. intake and carburetor which has a larger venturi bore than the standard Jeep unit, but very much like the VJ Jeepster intake which gave about 3 hp more than the stock 60 hp.
    Our carburetion solution was to make a dual carb intake manifold using a cut up original Jeep intake, and mounting a pair of Weber carbs. A Pertronix ignition system and an exhaust manifold from a F-134 Jeep engine gives better ignition and exhaust performance, as there is no manifold heat control valve necessary here in Phoenix. While it is no drag race queen, the increased horsepower is noticeable.
    Dave, thanks for posting this article. I will try to make a copy of it.

  2. ggordon49

    I wonder if the rear dual wheel fender flares were optional equipment or something the owner would have to fabricate?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I would think a person would have been able to order them, as they were available for the jeeps with trenchers. However, in what year they became available I don’t know.

  4. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    That large T-handle wrench that Hickey is using in the 4th photo reminds me of the partial set of Walden-Worcester T-handle wrenches I have. They each have a fixed socket on the ends but they’re only about 1/4 the size of his wrench. They work great. I assume Hickey is using one to give him exact control as he tightens the head nuts, having both hands on the T-handle allows that. That’s why I like them.

  5. Terry

    To answer the question about dual wheel fender flares, Bantam trailer fenders are almost a perfect fit, some trimming required .

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