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1950 CJ-3A Monroe, CT $10,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/05/2018) Looks nice.

“It’s a 3 speed manual. It’s the original motor and tranny no title please just bill of sale and it has a vin number.”


1950-cj3a-monroe-ct7 1950-cj3a-monroe-ct8 1950-cj3a-monroe-ct9 1950-cj3a-monroe-ct22


5 Comments on “1950 CJ-3A Monroe, CT $10,000

  1. Mike

    Strange placement of the Jeep 4 wheel drive stencil, all over the body, makes it look like graffiti. At 10 grand, another dreamer.

  2. Tim

    Unfortunately, It’s nearly impossible to register it here in the northeast without a title OR a copy of a previous registration WITH a copy of a bill of sale…in the same name as title/reg. Went down this rabbit hole a couple of times…never again.

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