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Grandpa Crosses the Golden Crack

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This video from 2019 proved popular enough that several folks have sent it to me. Stock jeeps can do some impressive things, especially when driven by someone who knows what their jeep can and can’t do.


7 Comments on “Grandpa Crosses the Golden Crack

  1. Galen Horton

    Not quite stock – he’s able to do amazing things because he’s put lockers in front & rear. Still fun to watch, not discounting what he does, just that it’s not “a bone stock Jeep”.

  2. Scoutingranch

    I don’t understand the point of beating the hell out of the vehicle. Bouncing the body on rocks, running the hubs against stone…people…they can’t be fixed

  3. John

    He enjoys his Willys and has a good time with it which is what it is all about. As far as not being able to fix it, he really does put a lot of work in it. He fixes what it broken and keeps going. That Jeep has also been in a accident that most people would consider it being totaled. He was pulling it on a trailer and fell asleep and rolled his truck and trailer. He took the time to bend, beat and jack it back into shape. There is a Youtube video of the damage to it. Search Grandpas Jeep and he has lots of wheeling and repair videos.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Jeepers around here in the PNW are still rubbing their jeeps against stumps, denting fenders, scraping the bottoms on high centers, and rolling on occasion. So, when I saw the video, that just seemed natural. Some of the trails up here used to be so tight that you couldn’t help but damage the bodies (which is a big reason the diamond plate on the corners and sides became common; not to hide damage but to keep from damaging the body). But, with larger rigs now patrolling the trails, a flat fender can more easily get through the trails.

    Those lockers would make a tremendous difference when crossing that gap. I never worried about locking the front end, as my posi or lockers in the rear usually got me where I needed to go.

  5. John

    I apologize that I could not find the Youtube video of his rollover damage to the Jeep, I was going to post a link to it. I may have seen them on the CJ2a page and got mixed up. Sorry

  6. Kurt in Renton

    It’s a pretty stock rig going off the video of it’s history. Lockers and a Tera low kit. He looks like a Grandpa and the jeep was originally his grandpa’s. My jeeps are too straight to beat on that bad. I hope my grand kids are nicer to mine.

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