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1942 GPW? Athol, ID $5000


This is listed a GPW, but appears to have MB tool box lids. For some reason, this is listed in the Topeka, Kansas, Craigslist. Unclear if it is a scam (price seems pretty good) or some odd Craigslist issue. Or, maybe the seller travels (or moving) to Kansas.


“Good restore starter. Everything works excellent. Starts right up.”

1943-gpw-athol-id0 1943-gpw-athol-id1 1943-gpw-athol-id2 1943-gpw-athol-id3


9 Comments on “1942 GPW? Athol, ID $5000

  1. Adam

    I have emailed the Craigslist link 3 times now, with no response. I am only a few miles away, in Blanchard ID, and would like to come see this Jeep.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Adam,

    That’s frustrating for sure! I’ve had that problem in the past with other sellers. I wish I had some other contact info. If I learn more, I’ll let you know,

    – Dave

  3. Blaine

    Dave, the Spokane CL link you just posted isn’t correct but the one at the top is. When I click on “show contact info” in the ad body, it tells me “an error has occurred”. This is the first time I’ve seen the phone number in the ad body show an “error” message.

  4. J.R. Welsh

    I would suspect this is a repop tub. doesnt appear to have a glove box and the fuel fill is more like an early civ.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Blaine: yep, I am having a problem with that link now, too.

    Chris: Thanks, I’ll use that link.

    J.R.: maybe it is my old eyes, but I do see a glove box right behind the steering wheel. That does look like a civvy gas inlet. I’d say further examination is needed.

  6. Richard terwilliger

    If still for sale lmk. Im near u in medimont Id.
    916 208 0727 txt is best.

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