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Feb 1958? Kaiser-Willys of Canada Ad

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This ad came to me from eBay and has “KW 258” printed in the lower right, which I am interpreting as February 1958 (but I could be wrong). It is more of a “use your jeeps on the farm” type of ad, which Willys Motors seemed to be going away from in the US by this time.



2 Comments on “Feb 1958? Kaiser-Willys of Canada Ad

  1. Barry

    I suspect you are correct on the date. The drawings show the Monroe lift, which I think Monroe may have stopped producing in 1956. I wonder if the “Over 50 pieces of special equipment” is just a simple count of all the items in Special Equipment Catalog that year.

    Nice addition.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I thought you might like this piece. Yeah, I imagine it’s a simple count of each device. Maybe it includes hubs and other misc parts, too?

    – Dave

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