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1946 GET A ‘JEEP’ Mailer

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This 1946 brochure was produced as part of the GET A ‘JEEP’ campaign that lasted through most of 1946.




2 Comments on “1946 GET A ‘JEEP’ Mailer

  1. Barry

    This is a fun one. I can’t tell if this is a Love or early Newgren lift (there were only minor differences). The “spring tooth harrow with hydraulic lift” is actually being towed (attached to the lift draw bar and not the hydraulic arms of the lift. Perhaps they wanted to show you could still use the draw bar with the lift installed. The saw is attached to the standard draw bar (no lift installed).

    A couple of interesting items in the “tasks” list too. “Building maintenance” is pretty broad, but I guess you could spray paint the barn. Then there is “baling, pick-up & stat.” Stack?

    Really like this one. It shows the importance Willys put on getting farmers to see a demonstration.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    It was one I hadn’t seen. I had to buy several other brochures along with it that I already had, but I thought this one was worth it.

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