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1963 FJ-3 San Luis Obispo, CA $25,000

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No description provided.

1963-fj3-sanluisobispo-ca1 1963-fj3-sanluisobispo-ca2


3 Comments on “1963 FJ-3 San Luis Obispo, CA $25,000

  1. Mike

    It never ceases to amaze me, what possible purpose could a 4 wheel drive postal van serve? I’m all in favor of creativity, but this is TWISTED. Similar to watching a live performance of Twisted Sister. You have to ask yourself, What’s going on here? And what is that little tin tray tacked on to side, a feeble attempt as a ice cream truck? I don’t get it.

  2. Chad

    The stainless steel tray appears to have beer taps mounted above it. This could have been used as a prop at a brewery or as a mobile beer serving station at food truck events, farmers’ markets, etc.

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