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1944 ‘Jeep’ Planning Brochure

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I finally snagged one of these ‘Jeep’ Planning brochures. Based on some of the images (like the WILLYS and JEEP within a link), I’d say this was produced in the Fall of 1944. As best as I can tell, it might be the earliest brochure for what would be the CJ-2A, though you’ll note that only CJ-2s are pictured (unless I missed an X-cj). The brochure breaks down the four principal uses for the “peace time jeep”.

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10 Comments on “1944 ‘Jeep’ Planning Brochure

  1. Ted Jordan

    Good score Dave ! That’s like the one we had a raffle on and Alaska Paul was the high bidder
    Did you manage to get the supplementary newspaper section that goes with it? Really cool brochure

  2. Keith Buckley

    That was a very important brochure as a part of civilian Jeep history. If you look closely at the cover, the sign on the wall behind the post says OAKLAND COUNTY FAIR. 22 years ago I matched that picture to a Bar on Grand River Ave in New Hudson, across the street from the church shown in the AGRIJEEP films.
    All those pictures were taken at CESOR farm about a mile south of there on Milford Road.

  3. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    The Fun Factor of owning a Jeep was not yet a part of their advertising in the fall of 1944. Business first.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    Not with this auction, but I already have two other copies of the newspaper.

    – Dave

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Keith: Awesome research! It would make sense to take pics there, but nice to have evidence, too.

    Steve: I’ve been trying to narrow down when “fun” over came “practicality” as a central ad theme. It really seems that ’62/’63/’64 time period reflects a big shift across product lines, though I’ve yet to narrow down which brochures launched that sense of fun. Perhaps even the introduction of the surrey a few years before began that shift in earnest, as that was the first product built around “fun”; it really was meant to be a “fun” (but cheap) vehicle to drive. But, I still need to do more research…

  6. Barry

    Dave & Keith,
    Thanks to Dave for sharing this and thank you Keith for adding your comments. They bring this beautiful brochure to life.

  7. Barry

    I thought the same about the “Fun Factor” until I read the “Utility Car” section. There it is! Makes this document even more interesting.

  8. David Eilers Post author


    In my view, section 4 proclaims the jeep useful for getting to fun places or activities, rather than driving the jeep as the source of “fun”.

    Compare section 4 with this 1966 ad: … the new ‘Jeep’ V-6 as “a new kind of driving fun”.

    So, what I want to uncover is when the jeep advertising shifted from driving to the fun destination (camping, picnics, fishing, etc) vs. driving as part of the fun (the journey is the fun .. who cares where we go)?

    – Dave

  9. Barry

    I had always assumed that it was AMC who “ruined the Jeep” with all this “fun” stuff versus a rugged work vehicle. But that 1966 ad shows things were already well underway. We all get to have fun in seeing what you uncover.

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