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1956 M-38A1 Brookhaven, GA $14,000


This is supposed to be a no-rust body, but the passenger side floor appears double patched? Note the seem near the back of the floor and the plate on the angled portion of the floor. Maybe I’m just confused.

1956-m38a1-brookhaven-ga0 1956-m38a1-brookhaven-ga1 1956-m38a1-brookhaven-ga2 1956-m38a1-brookhaven-ga3 1956-m38a1-brookhaven-ga4

“Motor Pool Restoration on a no-rust body. Engine runs strong and smooth. 24v system intact and charging as it should. New tires and brake system. New canvas and glass. Fresh paint. Ready for parade or play.

Pictures do not show but has cross over tube and wiper system.

Located in Cairo Ga. Comes with Ga Vehicle registration as Ga will not title vehicles older than 1962. Ga registration can be used to title it in your state. “


3 Comments on “1956 M-38A1 Brookhaven, GA $14,000

  1. Joe G

    Sorry, I find the one piece glass and windshield a real eyesore on a military “restoration”. It is a red flag and speaks to the “restorers” attention to detail.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Joe, that’s a fair point and a good item to highlight.

    I’ve seen so many M-38A1s with one piece windshields that, after reading your comment, I couldn’t remember if they were all originally two-piece (which a little research confirms they were) or if they switched over (like the trucks and pickups) at some point.

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